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P. Square Medical.

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About Us

P. Square Medical is a privately-owned startup company that was founded with the aim and passion to introduce innovative system that will aid urologists, primary care physicians as well as patients in monitoring and diagnosis of male urinary disorders. The company focuses its efforts in developing a small portable non-invasive medical device (Holter) for the diagnosis enlarged prostate or urethral obstruction level.

The company’s vision is to simplify and ease the current tedious and time-consuming process and making it available through the use of its system that is aligned with the growing use of digital health and remote patient monitoring.

P. Square Medical was founded by two enthusiastic entrepreneurs that have proven experience in founding and leading other successful ventures.


Mr. Yosi Rozenberg combines more than 30 years of experience in the Hi-Tech sector with his passion to lead P. Square Medical to success, serves as the company’s CEO.


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Tel: +972 505237728 | +972 7425172

11 Ha’Sadnaot St. Herzliya 4672839 Israel

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